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    Salter Housewares is the clear heavyweight in scale production. Ever since Richard Salter invented the pocket scale in the late 1760s, the company has led the way in scale innovation, design and precision accuracy.

    A recent Good Housekeeping scale test showed that digital scales are clearly more popular than analog scales, and of the 20 scales tested, Salter's Glass Lithium Scale took the blue ribbon for ultimate style (and a close second to the Resource Precision Wireless Scale for accuracy).

    Salter's highly touted Nutritional Scale, which was praised by Oprah in "Oprah's Favorites 2006," is a must-have for cooks who live by healthy eating.

    Place an item on the scale, type in its product code and it spits out key nutritional data such as the amount of carbohydrates, cholesterol, protein, fat, fiber and more. The scale comes programmed with hundreds of everyday foods and ingredients, but you can also store additional items as necessary. And its built-in calorie counter lets you track your progress as you go by storing your daily caloric intake. It's no wonder Oprah loves this scale!

    Salter's 5-lb. Stainless Steel Electronic Scale is a hit with cooking enthusiasts because of its resistance to stains and flavor carry-over, eliminating any worry over whether your chicken will taste like fish after weighing them on the same scale surface.

    This scale - like all Salter scales - is hailed for its accuracy, which makes it ideal for those concerned about portion control. Salter's 5-lb. scale senses even the smallest of food particles, which comes in very handy when on a strict diet plan for health reasons. This particular kitchen scale is very useful for diabetics and those on nutrition programs and diets such as Weight Watchers and Adkin's.

    The dual-sided weight indicator is useful for retailers who are weighing products in front of customers, such as butchers, fromagers (cheese experts) or farmers at local markets.

    Salter's 11-lb. Aquatronic Kitchen Scale is another valuable addition to any kitchen. With this scale you don't even need measuring cups. Just use the scale's tare button to add ingredients to your mixing bowl. Its read-out ranges from 1/8 oz. to 11 pounds, and it also converts easily between solid and liquid measurements.

    In addition, these scales are easy to use, easy to clean and look great in any kitchen.